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Game rules :

This variant of mahjong game consists of 144 tiles chosen from RevelaTerre pictures (36 groups of 4 identical tiles) randomly distributed on the game board in several layers, according to different predefined layouts.

Vase Hourglass Citadel Butterfly Whirligig
Crater Palisade Glasses Garden Spiral
Bug Galaxy Grid Face N

The purpose of the game consists in removing all the tiles from the board.

A tile is free when it is not covered by another and is not framed on the left and right by other tiles. When you click on two identical free tiles, they are removed from the game board.

To select a free tile, click on it. To unselect it, click on it again.

You can cancel the last removal by clicking "Undo" button.

The border of a tile can have different colors :

  • white : a tile which is not free nor selected
  • blue : when mouse pointer hovers a free tile which may be selected
  • red : selected tile
  • green : tile that is part of the remaining free tiles pairs (if you have clicked on "Show free tiles pairs")