Game rules :

10000 is a game played with six dice. It is named after the maximum number of points achievable in a single throw : six "1" is worth 10000 points.

Scoring :

  • A "5" is worth 50 points.
  • An ace ("1") is worth 100 points.
  • Three identical dice obtained in a single throw are worth 100 times the value of the dice (e.g. : "444" is worth 400 points). Exception : "111" is worth 1000 points.
  • Four identical dice obtained in a single throw are worth 200 times the value of the dice (e.g. : "4444" is worth 800 points). Exception : "1111" is worth 2000 points.
  • Five identical dice obtained in a single throw are worth 400 times the value of the dice (e.g. : "44444" is worth 1600 points). Exception : "11111" is worth 4000 points.
  • Six identical dice obtained in a single throw are worth 1000 times the value of the dice (e.g. : "444444" is worth 4000 points). Exception : "111111" is worth 10000 points.
  • Three pairs obtained in a single throw are worth 1000 points (e.g. : "225544" or "661155").
  • A straight from "1" to "6" ("123456") obtained in a single throw is worth 1500 points.

 Number of dice obtained simultaneously

Fundamentals :

  • After each winning throw (yielding a minimum of 50 points) at least one combination or winning dice must be put aside.
  • The player then chooses either to score points either to reroll the remaining dice.
  • If all the dice have yielded points (in one or more throws), you must reroll the six dice together.
  • The points earned in a new throw are added to points earned during the previous throws of the same shot.
  • The shot ends if the last throw yields zero points (then the player scores zero) or if the throw yields points and the player chooses to score the points gained during the whole shot.
  • It is not mandatory to put aside every winning dice : you can choose to reroll some of them (in addition to non-winning dice) by clicking on them. The dice you may reroll have a coloured background.
  • To enter the game, a player must make a shot at least 500 points.

Examples :

Throw resultScoreComments
343233600Four 3 : 200 x 3 = 600 points
56334350 + 300 = 350Opportunity to score 350 points (if you already have entered the game) or to try to earn more : either by rerolling the 4 and the 6, either by clicking the 5 and rerolling 4, 5 and 6 to try to get 3 identical dice.
1655100 + 50 + 50 = 200 
1165561000Three pairs (reroll all the dice)
2146531500Straight (reroll all the dice)

How to play ?

  • Enter the players' names and check their box to make them participate to the game. At any time, you can change the name of a player, then you must uncheck and recheck it to make him (or her) play under the new name.
  • If you enter a name beginning by "*" (e.g. "*HAL"), the player will be the computer instead of a human.
  • Click on the "Game" button to start a new game.
  • You can change the number of points to be reached by typing a new value and clicking the "Target :" button (taken into account during the game) or the "Game" button.
  • When his (or her) name is displayed at the top right, the player clicks the "Roll" button to roll the dice. If there are no winning dice, the shot is lost and the next player is invited to play. Otherwise the player can either make a new throw (possibly by rerolling some dice marked with a coloured background), or score the points of the shot.
  • The dice to be rolled are displayed on the top line. The winning dice are put aside on the bottom line.
  • In "Auto" mode, the rolling of the dice is simulated on the screen and the scoring is made automatically.
  • In "Manual" mode, the dice are not displayed and you enter manually the number of points yielded by the shot (supposed to have been made with real dice). The other scoring operations remain automatic.

End of the game :

  • The game ends when the target (10000 points by default) is reached or exceeded by at least one player, and that the round is completed (all players must make the same number of shots).
  • If several players have reached or exceeded the target, the winner is the player with the highest score.
  • In the event of a tie, we redo as many complete rounds as necessary until there is only one winner.

Keyboard shortcuts :

  • G or + : Score (gain) shot points
  • L : Load saved game
  • P : Start a new game
  • R : Roll the dice
  • S : Save current game
  • CtrlZ : Cancel the last shot
  • 1 to 6 : Put aside or reroll dice in column 1 to 6 if it may be rerolled