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There are 42 time zones (UTC : Coordinated Universal Time) :

Time zone Letter Other designations
UTC - 12 Y (Yankee) IDLW, International Date Line West
UTC - 11 X (X-ray) SST, Samoa Standard Time
UTC - 10 W (Whiskey) HST, Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
UTC - 9h30 MIT, Marquesas Islands Time
UTC - 9 V (Victor) AKST, Alaska Standard Time
UTC - 8 U (Uniform) PST, Pacific Standard Time
UTC - 7 T (Tango) MST, Mountain Standard Time (the Rocky Mountains)
UTC - 6 S (Sierra) CST, Central Standard Time
UTC - 5 R (Romeo) EST, Eastern Standard Time
UTC - 4h30 VST, Venezuela Standard Time
UTC - 4 Q (Quebec) AST, Atlantic Standard Time
UTC - 3h30 NST, Newfoundland Standard Time
UTC - 3 P (Papa) ADT, Atlantic Daylight Time
UTC - 2h30 NDT, Newfoundland Daylight Time
UTC - 2 O (Oscar) AT, Azores Time
UTC - 1 N (November) WAT, West Africa Time
UTC Z (Zulu) GMT, Greenwich Mean Time
WET, Western Europe Time
Z, Zulu Time (by the pronunciation of Z in phonetic alphabet, Z being the letter assigned to the zero nautical time zone)
UTC + 1 A (Alfa) CET, Central Europe Time
UTC + 2 B (Bravo) CEDT, Central Europe Daylight Time
EET, Eastern Europe Time
USZ1, Kaliningrad Time (in Russia)
UTC + 3 C (Charlie) EEST, Eastern Europe Summer Time
MSK, Moscow Time (in Russia)
UTC + 3h30 IRST, Iran Standard Time
UTC + 4 D (Delta) SAMT, Samara Time (in Russia)
UTC + 4h30 AFT, Afghanistan Time
UTC + 5 E (Echo) YEKT, Yekaterinburg Time (in Russia)
UTC + 5h30 IST, Indian Standard Time
UTC + 5h45 NPT, Nepal Time
UTC + 6 F (Foxtrot) OMST, Omsk Time (in Russia)
UTC + 6h30 MMT, Myanmar Time
UTC + 7 G (Golf) KRAT, Krasnoyarsk Time (in Russia)
UTC + 8 H (Hotel) AWST, Australian Western Standard Time
IRKT, Irkutsk Time (in Russia)
UTC + 8h45 ACWST, Australian Central Western Standard Time
CWT, Central Western Time (in Australia)
UTC + 9 I (India) JST, Japan Standard Time
UTC + 9h30 ACST, Australian Central Standard Time
UTC + 10 K (Kilo) AEST, Australian Eastern Standard Time
GST, Guam Standard Time
VLAT, Vladivostok Time (in Russia)
UTC + 10h30 ACDT, Australian Central Daylight Time
UTC + 11 L (Lima) AEDT, Australian Eastern Daylight Time
IDLE, International Date Line East
MAGT, Magadan Time (in Russia)
UTC + 11h30 NFT, Norfolk Island Time
UTC + 12 M (Mike) NZST, New Zealand Standard Time
PETT, Petropavlovsk Time or Kamchatka Time (in Russia)
UTC + 12h45 CHAST, Chatham Islands Standard Time (in New Zealand)
UTC + 13 PHOT, Phoenix Islands Time
UTC + 13h45 CHADT, Chatham Islands Daylight Time
UTC + 14 LINT, Line Islands Time