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Principality of Andorra
Principat d'Andorra (Catalan)
Area 468 km2
Population 77,000 inh. in 2019 (Andorran)
Density 164.5 inh./km2
Life expectancy Mean : 83.0 years    Female : 85.0 years    Male : 79.0 years
Languages Catalan
Capital Andorra la Vella : 22,615 inh.
Altitudes Maximum : 2,942 m (Coma Pedrosa)
Minimum  : 840 m (Riu Runer)
Time zone UTC+1h (winter), UTC+2h (summer) Exact time
Currency Euro (EUR) divided into 100 cents Conversion
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Web sites
MlOfficial Andorra tourism website

En = English, Fr = French, Ml = Multilingual, Sp = Spanish
Several webcams in Andorra