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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
In Luxembourgish : Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg
In French : Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

In German : Großherzogtum Luxemburg
Area 2,586 km2
Population 626,108 inh. in 2020 (Luxembourgers)
Density 242.1 inh./km2
Life expectancy Mean : 82.8 years    Female : 84.8 years    Male : 80.8 years
Languages Luxembourgish, French, German
Capital Luxembourg : 119,215 inh.
Altitudes Maximum : 560 m (Wilwerdange)
Minimum  : 130 m (Wasserbillig, junction of Moselle and Sûre rivers)
Time zone UTC+1h (winter), UTC+2h (summer) Exact time
Currency Euro (EUR) divided into 100 cents Conversion
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MlLuxembourg national tourist office

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