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Republic of Ecuador
In Spanish : República del Ecuador
Area 283,520 km2
Population 16,904,867 inh. in 2020 (Ecuadorians)
Density 59.6 inh./km2
Life expectancy Mean : 77.5 years    Female : 80.6 years    Male : 74.5 years
Languages Spanish (official), Quichua, Shuar
Ethnic groups Mestizo (65%), Amerindian (25%), Spanish or White (7%), Black (3%)
Capital Quito : 2,007,734 inh. (2,551,721 inh. including suburbs)
Main islands Galápagos
Altitudes Maximum : 6,268 m (Chimborazo, which summit is the farthest point from the centre of the Earth : 6.384.4 km)
Minimum  : 0 m (sea level)
Time zone UTC-5h Exact time
Currency United States dollar (USD), divided into 100 cents (sucre until 2000) Conversion
News Advice to US travelers
Advice to british travelers
Advice to french travelers
Web sites
MlQuito official travel information site (in english)
SpVolcanic activity (Geophysical institute - National Polytechnic school)

En = English, Fr = French, Ml = Multilingual, Sp = Spanish
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