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Republic of Cuba
In Spanish : República de Cuba
(Greater Antilles)
Area 110,860 km2
Population 11,116,396 inh. in 2020 (Cuban)
Density 100.3 inh./km2
Life expectancy Mean : 79.2 years    Female : 81.7 years    Male : 76.8 years
Languages Spanish
Capital Havana / La Habana : 2,106,146 inh. (3,710,100 inh. including suburbs)
Main islands Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth)
Altitudes Maximum : 1.974 m (Pico Turquino, in the Sierra Maestra)
Minimum  : 0 m (sea level)
Time zone UTC-5h (winter), UTC-4h (summer) Exact time
Currency Cuban Peso (CUP), divided into 100 centavos.
Cuban convertible Peso (CUC), aka chavito, divided into 100 convertible centavos.
Conversion CUP
Conversion CUC
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Web sites
EnSantiago de Cuba
EnCocktail Cuba libre
EnCocktail Mojito
EnCocktail Floridita Daïquiri

En = English, Fr = French, Ml = Multilingual, Sp = Spanish
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