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(British overseas territory, Lesser Antilles)
Area 102 km2 including 96 km2 for Anguilla island
Population 17,087 inh. in 2017
Density 167.5 inh./km2
Life expectancy Mean : 81.8 years    Female : 84.5 years    Male : 79.2 years
Languages English
Capital The Valley : 1,169 inh.
Main islands Anguilla, Scrub Island, Sandy Island, Dog Island, Prickly Pear Cays, Seal Island, Sombrero
Altitudes Maximum : 65 m (Crocus Hill)
Minimum  : 0 m (sea level)
Time zone UTC-4h Exact time
Currency East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) divided into 100 cents (also known as "biwi") Conversion
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EnAnguilla tourist board

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